Yvonne Jocks
Von Jocks
What else is in Print:

* "The Fairest," in THE MAGIC SHOP, DAW Books, Denise Little, editor.  Available 2003.

* SAY GOODNIGHT, GRACIE (part of the Three Graces trilogy with Pam McCutcheon and Karen Fox, Published Jan. 2004

* "Promise Me" (part of Zebra's June 2004 GOING TO THE CHAPEL anthology)

"The Devil She Knew" (part of the Silhouette Books' 2003 Halloween Anthology, WHEN DARKNESS FALLS)

* THE PLAYER (Book 3 of Silhouette Books' "Family Secrets" trilogy), August 2003

I Write Stories....
Mainly novels and short stories.  I read them too, and watch them as TV shows and movies, and teach them.  I love the world where stories take place... and I don't think I'm alone.

Welcome to my Homemade Website

What's in the Works:

* AKA GODDESS (Silhouette Bombshell, August 2004)

* HER KIND OF TROUBLE (Silhouette Bombshell, Nov. 2004)

* Athena Force #8: CONTACT (Silhouette Bombshell, Feb. 2005)

* "The Abyss" (working title) Silhouette Halloween Anthology, October 2005

* "Wicked Ends," SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES (in progress -- ImaJinn Publishing)

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WHAT'S NEW???          (as of JULY 2004)

It's been a year since I updated this--sorry about that!  Part of that is becaue I now have a professional website on www.evelynvaughn.com.  But part of it has been--wow, it's been a busy year! 

-- The big news of the summer is BOMBSHELL!  The new Silhouette Bombshell line has launched this month (July 2004), and all four of the launch books landed on the Waldenbooks/Brentano's romance bestseller list.  My first Bombshell, AKA GODDESS, is coming out in August. Its sequel, HER KIND OF TROUBLE, will be out in November.  Both are part of my own series The Grailkeepers.  Check out their website,

--The anthology, GOING TO THE CHAPEL, has come out from Zebra Books this summer.  My story, "Promise Me," is a sequel to SAY GOODNIGHT, GRACIE.

--I'm close to finishing my portion of Bombshell's "Athena Force" series, book 8, now titled CONTACT.  It's explosive!

--Silhouette has invited me to write a novella for their 2005 Halloween Anthology.  The working title of my contribution is "The Abyss."  It may or may not be a ghost story!

--WOO HOO!  For the first time ever, one of my books placed on the Waldenbooks/Brentanos romance bestseller list.  The "Family Secrets" series rocks!
Thank you to everyone who bought a copy.
Week Ending Aug. 23rd, 2003  THE PLAYER was #4!
Week Ending Aug. 16th, 2003  THE PLAYER was #6!

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